Weapons of Mass Production #KMWOMP

bizhub_PRESS_C8000_location_picture_11_300dpi_miniHow are things going in the battle for more customers?

Are you winning the war against your competition?

Would you like to be able to sell more and make more money from print?

Of course you would.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some heavy artillery to take them out. Instead of battling along with inferior tools you need some Konica Minolta Weapons of Mass Production or as we like to call it #KMWOMP 

So what makes a Konica Minolta Weapon of mass Production?


These machines are extremely capable. Capable of long unattended runs producing thousands of documents, brochures, flyers, business cards, posters and on an on and on.

Every tray holds SRA3 so you can really load these machines up and get them to work hard for you.


With production speeds from 62 to 100 pages per minute, you’ll plow through those jobs in record speed.

Installing our production finishing options won’t slow things down either as these production powerhouses don’t miss a beat. We’ve built them tough so they don’t drop their speed when your making complex saddle stitch booklets, they just know one speed – fast.


No point installing a machine that is constantly needing service, come and take a look inside a Konica Minolta Production Printer – full metal chassis – not plastic, massive fuser not a tiny little hair dryer, gigantic feed rollers that dwarf our puny competitions, suction feed paper systems that suck-, automatic sheet registration adjusters and skew correction. These are a few of the amazing technologies that have been developed by Konica Minolta engineers to ensure you have the most reliable digital production technology available.


There are thousands of Konica Minolta Weapons of Mass Production systems installed in commercial printers and in-plant centres across the world. We challenge you to find a more capable, better performing, higher quality, compact, low cost solution for digital colour printing. Everything else is a compromise. I’d like to show your why.

So please, take the first step, get in touch and I’ll send you through some print samples from our new #KMWOMP printers and compare them to what your currently producing.

Take this opportunity to bring in the heavy artillery, defend your customers, rescue your margins, save your territory and establish a real beachhead against inferior quality and reliability with your new Weapon of Mass Production.

Contact John by email, click here (Regional Queensland only please)



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