That Dress – Blue and Black or White and Gold or How to break the internet.

This is a short article I wrote a while back but didn’t get around to posting due to being too busy. Still pertinent though.

"The Dress (viral phenomenon)" by Source (WP:NFCC#4). Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia -

“The Dress (viral phenomenon)” by Source (WP:NFCC#4). Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia –

That Dress.

Would you ever think that so much controversy could come from an instagram post about a dress?

Crazy, isn’t it.

I guess though, that for everyone involved in our industry it’s not much of a stretch to see that people see colour differently is it? This is a timely reminder that we all see colour from our own perspective and not to assume that what you see is what your client is going to be seeing.

There’s lots of explanations coming out about what the colour really is, for me I see white with gold. An interesting thing is that if you start looking at the image from the top and scroll down you see white and gold, if you scroll from the bottom upwards it’s blue and black. Looking in photoshop the brightest part of the image is at the top and darkest part of the image is at the bottom. I’m pretty sure that your eyes and brain are extrapolating what you first detect.

Here’s a link to the wikipedia article that explains it in more detail.

Two really important things to take away for your business though.

1. Colour is extremely subjective, we should never just assume that what your seeing or what your client/customer is seeing, is the correct colour.

2. Social media is incredibly powerful (and free).

Are you using social media in your business to interact with your customers and potential customers?
Imagine what this could have done for your business had the original post come from you. I’m not suggesting that your posts will go viral but if you’re not participating you’ve got no chance.

Personally I think our industry (commercial printers) does a lousy job of using social media. It’s not about promoting your specials (do that less), nobody’s paying attention to that, they want to know that there are human beings working in your business and that you can help them. There’s a lot more to being successful here than letting everyone know that you print cheap business cards, like I said, nobody cares. I’m planning on running some free workshops this year if my clients are interested in participating, on using social media for print and design related business so stay tuned. Send me a note if you want to join in on that.

Cheers JH


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