Money for Change

Multi Million Dollar grant for change in print

Multi Million Dollar grant for change in print

Not sure how wide and far the information on this has gone but I spotted a really interesting article in ProPrint last week (direct link at bottom of this article) that I thought I should share with you on the off chance you read my blog.

Seems that the Federal Government has decided to weigh into helping the print industry with a grant to Printing Industries to assist printers with the transition to multi channel production businesses amongst other things.

Now if you’re been paying attention you’ll already know how I feel about changing from just being printers to multi channel service providers. Remember the dinosaurs, they couldn’t change and they’re no longer with us. It’s time…

So here’s quick snapshot of what was in the article, they are looking for 350 print businesses with a turnover of less than 1.5 million who want to make the transition to multi channel providers. Personally, I think that if you’re a small printer with a turnover that low or lower the transition is going to be pretty easy unless you are only running an offset press and haven’t already made the transition to digital. If that’s the case I think you’re going to struggle.

The opportunity here is for you to receive a significant amount of help, both mentoring and financial to bring different output capabilities into your business.

This is a really great initiative, the printers all around the world who have made the transition to multi channel service providers are the ones who are thriving. Your customers want you to be their marketing arm, they want you to be creating and managing their campaigns – whether they be print, email, direct mail, SMS. They don’t want to have separate providers for each of these functions – they don’t have time. This truly is a win win arrangement for and your customers.

You’re in a great position and at a great time to be able to do all of this. Yes it needs an investment in software, systems, new hardware but the rewards are so much more for you and for your clients. This is a technology business, the days are gone where you can buy a machine and run it for thirty years. I’m now having customers seriously structuring their funding to 3 years, so they can always have the best technology.

So if you fit in the category above please don’t delay get in touch with Printing Industries and get yourself onto the list. This could be the best thing you ever do.

Here’s a link to the article


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