Six Reasons To Invest In Digital Colour

It no longer matters whether you are a large or small player in the commercial printing space. Your customers demands and requirements have changed. In a very small span of time customers have gone from expecting long minimum runs & long turnaround times to really short runs, personalisation, smaller inventory, greater variations and a lower overall spend on print..

If you are fighting the trend, here are 6 excellent reasons to consider making the move.

1. Nobody wants black & white, everyone wants colour. Imagine trying to sell a black and white television these days. Colour isn’t a luxury anymore it’s an expectation. People want their flyers, their brochures, their training materials and marketing documents to stand out. Colour is the simple effective way to do this. Digital colour printers on the market today offer exceptional colour capabilities, in many cases exceeding the colour gamut that conventional CMYK presses can produce.

2. Can I print 50? Run lengths continue to drop in size. There will always be a place for massive offset print runs, but the opportunity today for commercial printers is being able to accept any job regardless of length of that job. With almost no setup time, no cleanup, no makeready, it doesn’t matter if you want to print 1 or 1000 on a colour digital press. You’ll probably earn more as well.

3. Make it Personal. Why do your customers print flyers, brochures etc – To sell more stuff, to sell their services. Your job isn’t just to print the cheapest brochures, your job is to help them produce the most effective brochures. Being able to individually personalise each and every single piece is solely the realm of the digital colour printer. To a digital printer it doesn’t matter because it can change every document on the fly – with no downturn in production. The result – your customer sells more products or services and you keep them and make more money in the process.

4. Digital up Offset down. It’s been a trend that has been happening for a few years now, offset print runs are declining, while digital print runs are soaring. Part of the reason for this is that all manufacturers have dramatically improved the quality and capability of their digital machines, to the point that it is no longer of interest to your customers what sort of machine they are printed on. The other 5 reasons are listed here.

5. Web 2 Print. Wow, what isn’t being done on the internet these days. Those printers who have made the investment in Web2Print are reaping the benefits of automated document production and new business opportunities outside of their normal geographic marketplace.

6. Make more money and reduce your costs. There are no plates, no clean-ups, virtually no setup with digital, the file is sent to the RIP and the machine does the work. New software technologies significantly reduce workflow costs by automating imposition, make-ready, job submission, ticketing, quoting, invoicing, advising the customer of job status. You make more money because you have lower overheads, you can produce work faster and more efficiently and you don’t have as much money tied up in heavy machinery.

Remember, your customers come to you for print, but they are really looking for more than just print, they want their print to stand out, to be noticed and acted upon. They want their flyers to be successful, they want their brochure to sell more products and services, they want their mailer to be so compelling their clients pick up the phone and call them. You can do this for them, but only if you stop thinking cheapest print price and start delivering services. With the internet, your customers can order cheap print from any number of print providers out there. Time to deliver what your customers want.

The printer of the 21st Century is really a marketing services provider – we might explore that in my next post.


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