PacPrint 2013 Wrap-Up

Little late thanks to a heavy dose of the flu on my return from Melbourne.

What an amazing week, first a big thank you to all of my customers who made the journey down to Melbourne and came to see us on the stand at Konica Minolta. It was such a great experience having so many customers (new and old) at our stand.

The highlights.

We were showing all of our Konica Minolta PRESS systems with particular focus on the C70hc our “high chroma” colour production printer. This machine is a bit of a game changer in that it is capable of printing an extended colour gamut bringing more opportunity to the table. Very pleased to say we sold some systems on the stand, to those new customers, a massive thank you, it is going to be fun helping you implement the machines into your businesses over the next few weeks.

One new product we showed which was incredibly popular was a new UV flood coater that we are bringing in. Significantly less expensive to operate than cello and faster with no trim or clean up required. The perfect storm of finishing, I dare say. Pricing hasn’t been announced as yet, but the systems are now on their way so we should be able to provide more detail in the next few days for those that are interested.

Another big step for us is our partnership with Kodak and our successful sale of the first Nexpress into Queensland. The longer sheet, amazing finishing and dimensional coatings this machine produces are astounding. The introduction of being able to print gold just adds to the depth of capability this machine is delivering. Truly amazing.

Everybody seemed to notice the departure from PacPrint of the big offset presses, there was only one there this year. My personal feeling is that it is just too expensive to bring these massive pieces of technology for a 5 day show. There were many customers being taken offsite to see equipment from several of these vendors so they were still showing equipment.

Perhaps the most striking change for me this year was the number of Web to Print software options customers had to consider, including several from trade printers selling a component of their W2P service to other printers. I had a good look at these and they certainly offer good levels of functionality, there are some things that should be taken into consideration but overall they would be a nice option for some sections of the market.

All in all, I think most manufacturers and suppliers saw some really strong signals from customers that business is improving. I know it’s still tough out there, customers are changing in what they are looking for and it is important that you can provide a solution. Remember it isn’t just about price anymore, those printers who can and do deliver value to their clients are the ones that will prosper and thrive.

Happy to discuss further over a coffee next time I’m in your neck of the woods.



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