Another Konica Minolta Production powerhouse in Cairns

Long time Konica Minolta customer SNAP Printing in Cairns has just updated their production printer to the latest Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C7000. In what is a real testament to business confidence, Raj Patel, the owner of SNAP Cairns has installed a new high speed Konica Minolta digital production printer to better support his customers.

If you do business in Cairns then no doubt you will know Raj and just how dedicated he is to supporting his clients. You’ll often find Raj working back after hours or on weekends ensuring that jobs are completed. It’s a highly competitive market, clients come from all over far North Queensland. The new machine offers more speed, higher quality and greater productivity, all characteristics that should give him a bit more time after hours.
These large digital printers aren’t your everyday office copiers, they take several days to setup and install. Everything must be perfect, the site, the environment, the power and of course our local service engineers from Think Office Technology (who specialise in these big machines) need to dedicate their time to turning the installation around as quickly as possible. Good news for SNAP was that our engineers were able to decommission the old system and install the new system and have Raj printing by 4pm that afternoon.
With the new printer SNAP Cairns is also helping the environment. This new system using a unique toner that is made with up to 20% renewable biomass. The printer also features lower power consumption than the previous model and by not needing to waste paper with runups or producing offset plates only what is needed is produced – it’s extremely efficient.
Customers are already noticing the difference, SNAP Cairns is producing beautiful work on a high speed digital device very quickly. It’s been a win win all round.
Unpacking and beginning the installation of the new Konica Minolta C7000

Unpacking and beginning the installation of the new Konica Minolta C7000


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