What is Print Shop Mail


Lets start out with a brief overview of what PrintShop Mail is and how it can be used in a print business or in-plant print centre.

PrintShop Mail is probably the world’s most popular Variable Data Print application, with thousands of installations around the world it produces millions of pieces of personalised print almost effortlessly.

Taking the catchphrase from Objectiv Lunes (the developer) website

Any design – Any Database – Any Printer – Anywhere in the world

It allows you to transform ordinary documents into personalised extraordinary documents.

I guess what makes PrintShop mail as successful as it has been is due to a few factors

  1. It is very easy to use
  2. It works with any design, you just need to convert to pdf first
  3. It works with data applications we all use, like excel
  4. Its very cost effective
  5. It is quite powerful

Why would you want to use a variable data print application?

Because, nothing generates print like variable data generates print.

And nothing generates response like personalisation.

If you are in the business of selling print and you haven’t taken the step toward implementing variable data printing into your business then you’re just providing commodotised printing and your customers will shop you against every other printer that does the same.

Why not take advantage of the opportunity?

One thing that you probably need to clearly understand – your customers actulally don’t want to print, they would love to just email (they think that’s free). Printing costs money.

You know that, if you’re like most printers you’ll be trying to get the customer to print more than they need to get the unit price down and to get a larger sale.

Trouble is, your customers are getting smarter, they want to print less, they want to change the designs, they want to personalise their marketing to get better results.

With variable data printing, you can can give them all of that. You can also charge the customer for the design and marketing services that you are now providing instead of having to discount away any profit that you may have made because the guy down the road will do it for less money.

With variable data print you can help your clients produce documents for an audience of 1.

Imagine having a discussion with a potential client around helping them to get a better response from a flier instead of the discussion around how cheap you can produce the flyer. Well, that is certainly the way forward when you have an application like PrintShop Mail at your disposal.

What do you need to do this?

1. The software.

2. Digital printer

3. An interest in developing this as a service offering

That’s about it.

Why not get in touch with me to find out, how much and anything else that you need to consider. we can arrange a quick webinar to step you through and even provide with an evaluation copy of the software to give you a real hands on experience.

Contact John by email

Contact me by phone on 0424 184 538


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