Digital Printing – Easier than you think


These days it’s not just printers that are selling print to clients, you can add graphic designers, advertising and marketing agencies, print brokers and web designers. Usually, they supply their clients by outsourcing the work to commerical trade printers who produce the job, blank wrap it and send it back.

Unfortunately when you get someone else to do all the work you miss out in a few areas.

  • You have to wait to fit into another businesses schedule
  • You don’t really have much control over stocks and quality
  • If you make a mistake, you generally have to pay to reprint the job
  • You usually have to pay up front, before you’ve been paid
  • Profit, well most of went to the printer
  • Did you want something a little special, sorry can’t do it for that price

And the list goes on, if this is your business model, I’m sure you recognise one or more of these points. 

For many, the issue isn’t so much the printing it’s more the finishing. Most of the digital production print systems aren’t bad these days. They certainly should be able to produce a saleable sheet. But getting the sheeted output and transforming it into business cards, postcards, dl flyers, folded flyers etc is hard when that’s not something you’ve been trained or equipped to do.

The folks over at GBC market an amazing product over called a Duplo Cutter. In particular the Duplo 645 Slitter Cutter Creaser.

Think of it as digital guillotining but with creasing and perforating as well as cutting.

Many of my digital print customers have installed these machines alongside their new digital production printers because in the world of short run personalised digital print, these incredible machines completely automate the process.

Less labour + no mistakes + less waste + more capability = more profit

You simply take the stack of sheets that you have printed, select the cutting program you want, then press the go button. The Duplo takes care of the everything. It aligns the knives using it’s optical sensors and your crop marks, it trims the waste and presents the finished product. Viola.

I’ve seen the Duplo trim SRA3 down to full bleed A4 sheets, trim postcards and dl flyers even perf a tear off coupon. Completely automatically.

For those of you out there who use a guillotine for finishing work, you should take a look at the comparison video over on the Duplo UK website which pitches the Duplo head to head against a guillotine for a number of typical short run jobs that you would expect to find in any print shop environment. It’s quite impressive. Watch here (opens in a new window)

Having one of these in combination with a production printer like the Konica Minolta C6000 or C7000 means that you have a turnkey print solution that will make you more money, turn jobs around faster, give you total control over the finished product you produce, let you create more diverse print products for your customers and did I mention make you more money.

You can find out more about the Duplo cutter by talking to the folks at GBC.. click here

You can find out more about Konica Minolta Production printers by talking to me, either call me on 0424 184 538 or send me an email to





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