New Fiery Command Workstation Features

Always nice to discover some new features that will make a difference to driving our digital production print systems. EFI Fiery have announced some great new functionality for Command Workstation 5. 

There are a couple of pre-requisites, take a look at the chart at the end of this article.

Let’s start with the best new feature, the New Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor.

The application is amazing. What it does is it provides a tool to allow you to adjust the image quality of images that exist within a customers pdf document. You can adjust contrast, brightness, highlights, shadows, colour balance, sharpness and fix red eye.

Think about this, to do all of that normally, you would have to dismantle the file, edit each image individually & then rebuild it. If you trust the software you can even let it go on automatic and it goes and finds all of the images in the file, fixes them and adjusts the pdf, ready for you to print.



2. Integration with Fiery Colour Profiler Suite (CPS)

Integration with Spot-On

Integration with Profiles

Integration with Fiery Image Viewer

3. Fiery SeeQuence Suite Enhancements

User-Defined Finish Size

Enhanced Reader View

Increased Undo Functions

4. Useability Enhancements

Export custom view of Job Log

Additional Media Information in Job Summary

Remove Paper Catalog Tray Association

New Message to Customise Job Properties

Access Additional Print Functions from Job Properties

Auto Login



This chart lists the pre-requisites for the new features.


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